A Charged Lake

Jonathan George Fox is a polyonymous musician from South Yorkshire…

…responsible for musical projects such as the ambient/noise project Foundling, since renamed Flight Coda and the glitch/ballad project Aches. They also contributed to the formation of the Proto Sites label, releasing their debut Sentry Twelve Inch before a slew of limited tapes on labels such as Jollies Records, videogamemusic, Seagrave, Exitab and ACR.

A painting of a doorway in tones of Azure.

News 📎

a window at night the 27th is a the first Flight Coda release, out now on Warm Winters Ltd.


“…a properly nocturnal, mysterious ambient record assembled from the Sheffield-based artist’s archives. All tracks were chosen under the criteria of eliciting a special warmth, irresistible to hide away. Big recommendation for fans of Biosphere, Huerco S. / Pendant.”

Warm Winters Ltd

A bone white cassette tape placed next to its case. The artwork of a alleyway on the cases card is rotated 90 degrees.
‘a window at night the 27th’ Tape Product