Fresh Water

PS008 - Cassette - Product Shoot
PS008 – Jake Marshall – Fresh Water – Cassette – Limited Edition (40)

The Fresh Water cassette from Jake Marshall is finally ready to trickle into your ears. On a chance meeting with Jake at a Eurovision song contest party (_🔥) in London last year, my friend Jordan (an incredible musician himself), mentioned that Jake does music (and it’s spectacular), I cant remember exactly what adjectives he used, something like, totemic, minimal, animal… mineral… Anyway at the time we were talking about it Jake resiliently maintained “it’s nothing really” and proceeded to change the subject endlessly when I tried to get more from him. But after some streams appeared out of the blue days later I found out that Fresh Water is far from nothing. It’s a work of totemic taste and beauty with a supple edge, that grinds its way into you. It’s a unique and incredibly inspiring work, we’re well chuffed that we get to bring it to public ears. This is Jake’s debut and it flaunts a significant gravity, it’s a hefty slab of rawness, playfulness and unlike anything else. Please listen and show your support for Jake by grabbing a tape or download. We’re down to just 5 tapes now so be quick! Massive thank you’s go to Jake, Jordan, Dominik, Matus, Juraj and the Lobsters for making this happen.




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