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Announcing WW025

a window at night the 27th is four ambient vignettes from my archive chosen by their persistent giving of warmth and comfort; these recordings are from a combination of time frames, as with much of my unreleased archive i hope they find their way eventually into the world; this is intuitive, and I love the cathartic process of unearthing and reframing them so much. I plan to do more along this format I want to embody abundance and stop hiding the things I love.

You can now hear the title track on my page, along with a pre-order and a small run of 50 tapes made happen by the wondrous Warm Winters Ltd, please follow them and check out their other beautiful releases; make sure to listen to Fairfax by Nate Scheible which is such an intimate record, and one of the best examples of repurposing memory and intention ever. Another one I find myself digging very naturally is I dreamt we found a way by Rob Winstone has such an enticing sonic palette, and works with a sense of nuanced emotion I am craving these days, it has soft edges yet is full of detail and nuance.

And a very warm welcome to the kind folks who have joined in supporting this release via Warm Winters, I really appreciate you and want you to know that every single purchase made via Bandcamp and elsewhere is so meaningful and helpful to me continuing my artistic practice, it even helps more people notice the release, so to you and my long time followers, thank you X

Love JX
[Posted on Bandcamp 05/11/2022]

a window at night the 27th

Flight Coda

Cassette / digital – Released by Warm Winters Ltd






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