there’s a planet on your chest

Murky multicoloured caustic clouds contained in a solid purple background.
Forthcoming – Flight Coda EP – out 13th February 2024

The planet laying on your chest is unwieldy and incredible. It’s a rock placed on your solar plexus as you lay in a bath. The water is bubbling around your ears as you drift backwards. Hair floats around your peripheral, like seaweed. Submerging your head an exhaust of air pours out of your lungs, a generous flow of blood visits your eyeballs as you softly close the lids. The warm water is soothing, you inhale the aroma of lavender, it reminds you of an unforgiving location, but it’s pleasant. Your mind wonders as you stare out the window and notice the mould in the corner.


1 Declan’s Kind Gesture 4:15
2 Helpful Memory Loss 7:34
3 Peter Interpretation 4:04
4 The Inescapable Need 4:17
5 The Beginning 8:03
6 Dilapidated Brain Stem 4:52

Released by Contact The Emotion Ocean – CTEO01 – 13/02/2024

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